Dublin Animation Film Festival 2020 (the "Festival") is calling for entries of short animated films for these categories:1.

1. Irish Short Film Award.
2. International Short Film Award.
3. Irish Student or Graduate Short Film Award.
4. International Student or Graduate Short Film Award.
5. Short Film Produced/Animated by a Secondary School Level student.
6. Short Film Produced/Animated by a Primary School Level student.
7. Social Recognition (awarded for a short film that delivers a social or charitable message).

The Festival's judging panel may at its discretion also present an award for any of the following categories:

• Best Co-Production (produced by an Irish and overseas production company);
• Best Film in the Irish Language;
• Best Soundtrack (films from all categories eligible);
• Best Comedy or Musical Short Film;
• Best 2D Animation.

At the Festival, balloting will take place for an Audience Choice Award, which will be presented for the short animated film that receives the highest number of audience votes.

Please note, due to government and other restrictions which have been imposed following COVID- 19, the Festival may be held online and if so, an online poll will be conducted for this award.

Maximum running time for each entry (in any category) is 15 minutes.

There is no fee for submitting an entry. Entries must be received by 31 July 2020.

Winners will receive an award trophy.

Entry Form for an individual entry is here.

Terms and Conditions of Entry (the Rules) are here.